Meet the Bliss Coach Angeli Shaw.

Angeli is an Holistic Empowerment Coach who guides her clients into making the transition from unconscious to conscious living, activating their inner strength, and empowering her clients to live the life they desire. Working one on one, Angeli helps her clients recognise fear based behaviours, unhealthy lifestyles, and emotional blockages that prevent them from being the best they can be mentally, physically and professionally. Angeli believes that ‘Mindset Matters’ and much of her focus is the limiting beliefs that we acquire during our life experiences, and how to recognise and change that way of thinking. Call it a perception shake up!

Prior to launching ‘The Bliss Coach’, Angeli has spent over 17 years as a qualified hair stylist, 10 of those owning her own salon. Her expertise also extends to educator and she prides herself on inspiring others through her soulful approach and positive mindset. Completing her study mid last year, Angeli is certified as a CONSCIOUSNESS COACH™¸ and has recently gained her certification as Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner, another strong passion she carries. She currently continues her study in Aromatherapy, physiology and anatomy.

“I’ve always considered myself to be an entrepreneur. I remember back at school I was always thinking of ways to make money! I used to thread coloured beads on safety pins and sell them for 5 cents each in the school yard and later started putting stickers on magnets and selling them for 10 cents. I remember starting my first proper business almost 10 years ago, wow, what an exciting time it was! Planning and budgeting, building and creating and finally, I opened and began being my own boss. It really is an exciting time for anyone who takes the plunge and become a business owner. All that freedom, choice and money! But as the weeks and months went by, my excitement quickly turned to stress. My drive turned into despair, and soon enough this bubbly boss lady turned into an anxious mess realising there was more to business than just opening the doors. I didn’t have much choice but to work all the time. There wasn’t much freedom as I couldn’t afford to take the time off. And the money, well let’s just say it certainly doesn’t grow on trees! I spent a lot of years in fear, doubting if I could ever make it work, but purely driven by ego, with my continuous game face on, I told myself, and acted like all will be just fine. But let’s face it, how could it be, and how would I ever know what to do pretending that everything will be ok and covering my eyes, hoping when I opened them that the clients would just turn up, the money would roll in and that I’d find that freedom and choice that business owners apparently get. I was stuck and I was disheartened. That’s when I decided to get a coach, and since then I have never looked back. It can be difficult admitting that you need help, it can be just as hard building up the courage to ask for it. When we are at our most vulnerable, asking for help can be the most scariest thing, and even my mind perceived it as admitting defeat, when really stepping up and facing reality was the bravest and best thing I could do. I knew my coach couldn’t change my business for me, or my life, but I knew if I used every bit of advice, all the critique, worked through those fears, and even those triggers, that I could choose to be the best business owner, with a business plan, a focused direction and of course an income all of my own. Ah yes! And the freedom and choice! And that’s exactly what I’ve got. And now I’m a coach myself. I’m so honoured, excited and blessed to be able to share my knowledge and support my clients into making the right decisions for themselves. Whether it be personal or business, guiding clients into a higher consciousness state allows them to work on those emotional blockages, tackle those triggers, and most of all conquer that ego that forever keeps us imprisoned in our very own fear based prisons. Empowerment, that feeling of being able to step up, face the music and make those tough decisions, reaping the rewards along the way! We all have a choice, on what we do, how we feel and what we can accomplish. Sometimes we just need some help getting there. I’m so glad that I decided to seek help. And it’s ok for you to seek it also! I can’t wait for my official launch in early 2018, and to my clients and supporters so far, eternal gratitude from the bottom of my heart. Can’t wait to share my journey with you all, and of course, me!”

Look forward to meeting you!