WHAt people say

calmer and more grateful

“Since I have touched base with Angeli, not only has the productivity within my business grown but I feel calmer and more grateful looking into the future.
Thank you Angeli, The Bliss Coach for providing me with the motivation I need to succeed not only in my business, but more importantly my life.”

grounded approach

“Angeli has been instrumental in my professional, and subsequently, personal growth. Her thoughtful and grounded approach is second to none and is the reason why I, and my team will continue to work with her. Angeli continues to inspire and add value to our business with each new project we engage her on.”

mindset coaching at its finest

“That beautiful balance of compassion and tough love is hard to come by but Bliss Coach nails it every single time. Not allowing me to sit in my shit too long, she is sensational and allowing you to highlight it, express it and then move on from it. Mindset coaching at its finest. Gratitude plus for this amazing woman.”

best version of myself

“Angeli was one of nicest person I have met virtually. When we were introduced to each other I never knew that she has this amazing talent to touch peoples life and heart thru all her inspiring advice and teachings. There are a lot of times that I have been so down and can no longer rebuild the pieces of myself anymore but Angeli was there to help me realize that there is more of me to show and taught me to believe in myself because I am a unique person with a lot of talent and I am important. Angeli, you are truly one of those person that I admire the most. We were miles apart but you never had second thought of helping me out and made sure I will turn out to be the best version of myself. Inspire more people because you are making everyone so appreciate themselves and the life they are into.”

clarity has shifted everything

“Angeli has unique way of being able to not only help you to understand your business but your mindset and how it relates to your over and success. I found that I was always reliant of people for my success when I should have been looking at myself. What I found when I talked with Angeli was that I am responsible for my own success and wins and loses. She helped me identify what I was doing that was defeating me and how I could change my mindset towards to to change the out come. That clarity has shifted everything I thought I knew and what I was doing. Thankyou so much you have helped me beyond words. Xx”

make the best decisions for my life

“I had the extreme fortune of putting my complete trust in Angeli recently to help me breakthrough some personal emotional blocks that I had been carrying around for years. These blocks were stopping me from living my best life. They were all based on fears and beliefs that were not mine to bear and as a result of the amazing sessions we had they are now gone for good. I am able to think much clearer and make the best decisions for my life. At this current time with the world in meltdown I am so grateful that I am no longer bogged down by those old fears. I see this as a wonderful opportunity for all of us right now. This new belief would not have entered my mind if it had not been for the sessions with Angeli. I highly recommend the service she offers as I tried many others that did not work such as counselling and life coaching. What Angeli offered me is the one and only thing that I can unequivocally say has worked 100%. I will continue using this service as and when I need it in the future if new issues arise.”

she’s your woman

“When I first met Angeli she told me, ‘I would like to be a coach. But I want to be different. I want to be more holistic. I really want to learn why people do or don’t do things, and I want to be able to help them really dig deep and get through what they need to in order to thrive’…. and just a few short years later, with a baby and a book under her scissor belt, here she is! Doing exactly what she planned. And you can too. Angeli is real. She says it like it is but always with kindness. She is patient and allows others to speak, which in turn means she really hears you. Angeli is extremely in tune with the universe and if you are like me, and believe in karma, soul connections and being the best version of yourself, she’s your woman. Highly recommended x”

helped me reshape my future

“What can I say to put to words what Angeli has changed in me? From someone who has achieved so much at a young age, I still felt a sense of self worth lacking. I didn’t want to accept the things I deserve. I wanted to please the people around me, and felt guilty when I tried to do something for myself. I was trapped in my own perception of guilt and struggled to let go and move on with my own life and finally accept the gifts and opportunity I’ve been given. I’ve known Angeli for many years and 4 months ago I took the leap of faith and asked for help. I look at each day as a blessing and focus on this moment. I plan for the future with a focus to succeed. Angeli helped me reshape my future and made sure I know I’m worthy of the good things that come me way. She has changed my life and I look forward to working with her in the future.”



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Incorporating Mind, Body and Business; separate or collaboratively, ‘The Bliss Coach’ uses a holistic coaching method guiding clients to empowerment, enlightenment and success both personally and professionally.



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